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August Pre-Funk

Join us for a CascadiaJS pre-conference meetup, the last one before our main event ! Hangout with fellow conference attendees and enjoy two awesome Lightning Talks by our friends Timirah James, Joe Karlsson and David Guttman. Like CascadiaJS 2020, this event will take place in... Cyberspace!

Timirah James

  • Date: Wed, August 12th
  • Time: 5pm - 7:30pm PST
  • RSVP: Open to everyone


  • 17:00 - Networking in Remo
  • 17:30 - Greetings & Kick-off
  • 17:40 - Timirah James: TBA
  • 17:55 - Q&A
  • 18:00 - Joe Karlsson: How We Used JavaScript To Help Make Film More Inclusive
  • 18:15 - Q&A
  • 18:20 - David Guttman: to Meetups & MMORPGs
  • 18:35 - Q&A
  • 18:40 - Farewell
  • 18:45 - Karaoke!
  • 19:45 - End

Timirah James (she/her)


Bio Timirah James is a Technology Evangelist and influencer creating awareness around STEM and diversity in tech as well as helping others build great technical skills and become great developers. She’s best known for being a leader in the Los Angeles and Silicon Beach tech community, her active roles in the hackathon realm, the mobile and serverless community, and mentoring through TechniGal LA, her meetup for women exploring the world of STEM.

Fun fact: She is also a noted singer-songwriter and recently released “Coderitis,” a song about her love for technology and innovation, which can be found on SoundCloud and Spotify.

Joe Karlsson(he/they)


Bio Joe Karlsson is a software engineer turned Developer Advocate at MongoDB. He comes from the frozen tundra of Minneapolis, Minnesota (and yes, it does get really cold here, and no, not everyone here has the accent from the movie, Fargo 😝). Joe has been primarily a Node and JavaScript engineer. He has been writing, teaching, and talking about code his entire career. Sharing what he knows and continuing to learn about programming is truly the thing he loves doing the most. Joe is the co-creator of open source software, including, a web app that tells you if a movie script passes the Bechdel Test or not. In his free time, he is usually drinking Gin and Tonics, eating at a new restaurant, or tinkering on a new art project or open source project. How We Used JavaScript To Help Make Film More Inclusive This collaborative digital humanities project is the product of a shared passion for film, feminism, and the creative potential of technology. By combining the talents and interests of a scholar and a software engineer, we’ve created an innovative data mining tool for feminist film analysis.

David Guttman(he/him)


Bio David is the author of two popular JavaScript books: Fullstack React and Fullstack Node.js and many widely-used open-source projects. He has over 90 open-source packages on npm and over 130 repositories on Github. David has given talks at many tech events and conferences like JSConf and JSFest. As a CTO and software architect, David has led teams of engineers to ship projects like ultra-high-scale ad servers handling over 10 billion requests per day, online learning systems, white-label performance marketing SAAS platforms, and Project Matterhorn, the system that would eventually become to Meetups & MMORPGs had been a monthly gathering of LA’s most interesting JS devs for 8 years. Once the lockdown hit, we needed to figure out how to keep the community together without losing that special something. Would it be Zoom? Twitch? A bespoke React-based 90’s JRPG engine/audio conference app? I’ll tell you all about it.

How to Participate

Part 1: The Live Stream

The first portion of the meetup will be live streamed.

We also encourage you to join the #live channel on our Slack. That's where you will be able to hang out with fellow attendees and ask questions during the Q&A portion.

For your convenience, we will also be displaying the Slack chat conversation on the website in read-only mode next to the live stream.

Using Slack while watching the live stream (full-size image)

Part 2: Hanging out

Following the conclusion of the talks and Q&A, there are two options for hanging out and chatting:


Remo is a virtual event platform that allow us to create a floor that has tables and chairs. Each table can accommodate a maximum of 6 people, and once you "sit down" you will be in a video chat (video + audio) with the other people seated at that table.

tables and chairs in Remo

A few instructions on how to use Remo:

  • When you enter the event, make sure to turn-on your camera and microphone (buttons at the bottom)
  • Take a second to edit your profile (upper right) and upload a photo and set your display name
  • Double-click on a chair to "sit down" and join the video chat
  • Click on "Tile View" to make everyone's video big
  • Click on "Floor Plan View" to shrink the videos and reveal the floor plan

A few tips on getting the most out of the event:

  • Be a good listener, don't dominate the conversation
  • Remember the two feet rule: feel free to leave a table whenever you like.
  • Remember the Pacman rule: always try to leave a chair open at your table, if possible.


Rambly is an 8-bit universe where you pick an avatar and walk around having audio-only conversations.



voicebox logo

More info on how to participate in Karaoke by Voicebox will be emailed to you.

Links to both Remo and Rambly were emailed to everyone who registered for this event. Please check your inbox and possibly your Promotions/Social/Spam folder if it's not there.