Goodie Box

Every conference attendee will recieve an awesome Goodie Box that will include a conference hoodie and other fun swag. Here's some important information for how these Goodie Boxes are being delivered to your home.

If you registered before July 16

If you registered before July 16, you provided us with a hoodie size and shipping address during registration. A few important notes here:

Check your email!

  • We emailed ~65 people who had provided incomplete shipping address info.
  • This issue affected all non-US (Canada, etc) attendees because our shipping vendor needs a phone number in order for the package to clear customs.

If you've forgotten what hoodie size or address you provided

  • Search your email for "Your CascadiaJS 2020 Ticket"
  • Click the "Change Details" link
  • This will show you what you entered when you registered
  • Do not update this form. If you want to make a change, see below.

If you want to make a change to your shipping address or hoodie size

Send an email to no later than Thursday, July 23.

Please include:

  • Your Ticket Reference (i.e. ABCD-1)
  • Hoodie size
  • Shipping address (including phone number for non-US addresses)

If you registered on or after July 16

If you registered after July 16, we instead directed you to an external ecommerce site where you were able to choose your hoodie and enter your shipping information.

Sizing information

Here are the official sizing guides from the vendor we are using to produce the hoodies:


  • These are the same hoodies we’ve used the last two years.
  • The chest measurement for unisex is “single-sided”, while the fitted one is “all around”