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The folks at Voicebox Karaoke are going to run a post-meetup karaoke party for us! We'll be hosting two Karaoke virtual rooms.

To Prep for Karaoke

You can prep for Karaoke by logging-in into the mobile web app and building a list of favorite songs that you want to sing!

On your smartphone, go to https://vbsongs.com and click "login" at the top:

vbsongs home

Enter your email address:

vbsongs login

Search for songs. Click the "star" in the left to favorite it!

vbsongs top-100 list

View your favorites and get excited for karaoke!!!

vbsongs favorite list

To Join the Virtual Karaoke Room at 7pm PDT

  • Install Zoom (😂)
  • Grab a Karaoke room's Zoom link in the Dashboard
  • Join Zoom on a laptop or desktop (not mobile)
  • Use a pair of headphones with a built in mic for best sound
  • Have your smartphone handy because you will use this as a remote to browse songs & request songs

How do I browse and request my song to sing?

  • Go to https://vbsongs.com
  • Find the song you want to sing and click "sing"
  • Click the Sing! button

voicebox select song and enter code

You'll need to enter the code for the karaoke room you're in. You'll see this code printed on the lower-left of the karaoke lyrics screen in Zoom.