Opening Party

live visuals by All Hell Breaks Loop, Aviscerall, Datagirl, Earthboy Advance, Trucks Passing Trucks


  • Date: Tuesday, Sept 1
  • Time: 5pm PDT
  • Where: Cyberspace

About the show

Cascadia's opening party will be an virtual, online concert experience by various members of Pacific Plaza Records!

Pacific Plaza Records is an online record label based out of Southern California, specializing in Vaporwave music. Vaporwave is an online music genre, focused on invoking the feeling of nostalgia, and the technology of yesterday.

Pacific Plaza and it's residents have been running a bi-weekly online concert experience on Twitch, show called Virtual Memory. The show gives up-and-coming artists and residents to highlight their music, behind live visuals done by All Hell Breaks Loops.

Be prepared to hear some of the best up-and-coming sounds from the performers from the label, and be entranced by the nostalgic, and awe-striking visuals!

Featuring the talents of:

All Hell Breaks Loops

All Hell Breaks Loops


VJ and DJ Bookings/commissions: [email protected] 日本語でオk! ハーフです。

Aviscerall && Groovy Kaiju && Torch2424

Aviscerall & Groovy Kaiju & Torch2424

Aviscerall - Groovy Kaiju - Torch2424

All of these are the same person, Aaron Turner. CascadiaJS Speaker Alumni.

Aviscerall is their Moniker for Lofi HipHop, which will be played throughout various times in the conference.

Groovy Kaiju is their Moniker for VaporWave / FutureFunk, which is high-energy good vibes music that they will be performing in the opening party.

Torch2424 is their moniker for their "online self". Often times, behind their development work in WebAssembly and AssemblyScript.



Twitter - Instagram - Bandcamp - Soundcloud

DATAGIRL is a music composer, producer, and graphic artist from California. She has a vast musical background with years of experience as a house music DJ, electronic music producer, pianist, and choral singer.


[email protected]

EarthBoy Advance



Earth Boy Advance / Trev Magaña

Label Resident for Virtual Memory, makes electronic music on their Nintendo Switch.

Trucks Passing Trucks

Trucks Passing Trucks

Twitter - Instagram - Bandcamp - Twitch

Trucks Passing Trucks / Pacific Plaza Records

VaporWave producer and DJ. Owner of the Record Label, Pacific Plaza Records.