The deadline to register & recieve a Goodie Box in the mail is JULY 24th!


JavaScript: The Recent Parts

Kyle Simpson will walk us through the newest additions to JavaScript, including: spread/rest, destructuring, template literals, iterators, generators, Array.includes, string padding, async-await, RegExp improvements, async generators/iteration and more.

Digging Into Node

Kyle Simpson will spend a day Digging Into Node, including: building CLI tools (parameters, I/O, etc), file system operations, async, streams, HTTP handling, Express.js routing, SQLite databases, child processes and more.

React: Beyond the Basics

In this course, you'll gain hands-on experience with the latest techniques in React and the React ecosystem. You’ll start with lessons on React Hooks and creating custom hooks. You’ll cover state machines and how these can be used to simplify state management in your React applications. Then you’ll cap it off with a survey of what’s going on with Suspense, React Router 6, and Next.js, and how these can be safely incorporated into your own applications.

Topics covered:

  • Hooks
  • Creating Custom Hooks
  • State Machines
  • Suspense Preview
  • Ecosystem APIs like React Router, Next.js, and more!

GraphQL: The Next Steps

  • Date: Wednesday, Sept 9
  • Instructor: Eve Porcello
  • Pre-requisites: Knowledge of the query language, schema definition language, and Apollo Server OR GraphQL 101 course

Once you understand the basics of building and querying a GraphQL API, what’s next? In this course, Eve Porcello will explore the tools that are in the GraphQL ecosystem to speed up your workflow. You’ll start by enhancing schemas with Unions and Interfaces. Then you’ll get into how to build GraphQL microservices with Apollo Federation and monitor those services with Graph Manager. Finally, you’ll learn to use Relay’s Hooks to build UI applications.

Topics covered:

  • Unions & Interfaces
  • Error Handling
  • Microservices with Apollo Federation
  • Graph Manager
  • Relay