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April Speight
Los Angeles, CA
Will Klein
Longmont, CO
Najla Elmachtoub
Brooklyn, NY
Romulo Cintra Espirito Santo
Silk - CaixaBank
Barcelona, Spain
Jemima Abu
Kaunas, Lithuania
Kyle Simpson
Getify Solutions
Austin, TX
Dan McKeon
Seattle, WA
Amber Hoak
Microsoft Research
Silverdale, WA
Shawn Wang
Evan Tahler
Seattle, WA
Tianyu Pu
Sangeetha KP
Seattle, WA
Scott Ammon
Slalom Build
Seattle, WA
Myriam E Walden-Duarte
Seattle, WA
Rahat Chowdhury
American Express
New York City
Kelsey Breseman
Environmental Data & Governance Initiative
Seattle, WA
Fred K Schott
San Francisco, CA
Joel Hooks
Vancouver, WA
Kristofer Joseph
San Francisco, CA
James Steinbach
Denver, CO
Rachelle Rathbone
Seattle, WA
Secret Speaker
Secret Speaker
Secret Speaker
There WILL be karaoke!
CascadiaJS has always been about bringing together an amazing group of web developers from across the Pacific Northwest (and beyond) to hear great talks, meet amazing people, and have fun.
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JavaScript: The Recent Parts

Sept 3

Kyle Simpson will walk us through the newest additions to JavaScript, including: spread/rest, destructuring, template literals, iterators, generators, Array.includes, string padding, async-await, RegExp improvements, async generators/iteration and more.

Digging Into Node

Sept 4

Kyle Simpson will spend a day Digging Into Node, including: building CLI tools (parameters, I/O, etc), file system operations, async, streams, HTTP handling, Express.js routing, SQLite databases, child processes and more.

React: Beyond the Basics

Sept 8

Eve Porcello will cover the following in this intermediate React.js workshop: Hooks, Creating Custom Hooks, State Machines, Suspense Preview and Ecosystem APIs like React Router, Next.js, and more!

GraphQL: The Next Steps

Sept 9

Eve Porcello will cover the following in this intermediate GraphQL workshop: Unions & Interfaces, Error Handling, Microservices with Apollo Federation, Graph Manager and Relay.


Amazon sponsorship

It is our mission to create an online event that brings our community together, levels everyone up on building for the Web and helps everyone meet new people, try out new products and start thinking about what's next in their career.

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