Using Remo

Remo is the platform we are using for face-to-face video chat in our Hallway Track. Remo allows us to create a virtual event space, complete with tables and chairs. Here's what you can expect:

  • Tables that can seat either 2, 4 or six people.
  • Once a table is full, no one else can join that table, so remember the Pac-Man rule!
  • Some tables are labeled, so look for:
    • Sponsor tables
    • Topic tables (i.e. React.js)
    • Location tables (i.e. Vancouver, BC).
  • Many tables are un-labeled, so talk about whatever you like!

Here is a list of supported desktop browsers and supported mobile browsers for Remo.

Tips on using Remo

Remo Layout

1. Turn on your camera & mic

When you enter the event, make sure you turn-on your camera and microphone.

2. Changing camera & mic

The hamburger menu provides access to changing your preferred camera and microphone.

3. Sitting down

Double-click on an open chair in order to sit down at a table. Once you're seated, you'll be in a video call with the other people at that table.

4. Sponsor banners

Clicking on a sponsor banner will reveal a message or offer from the sponsor. Check them out!

5. Moving between floors

There are 7 floors in this space. Go exploring and see who else you meet.

6. Tips

Check this board out for tips and updates.

7. Onboarding video

You can re-watch the onboarding video in case you forget how something works!