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The most important thing we do as a conference is bring developers together to meet, build relationships and learn from one another. Many of the attendees who come to CascadiaJS do so because they are trying to learn new skills, become better engineers, build their professional network or find a new job.

For companies that are focused on , or , we have sponsorships that can help you achieve your goals.

What We Do

CascadiaJS was started in 2012 by web developers in the Pacific Northwest to better connect and celebrate the amazing work of communities across the region. Last year we had 560+ developers enjoy talks from 36 amazing speakers who covered everything from JavaScript to the distributed web to building healthy engineering teams.

Here are a few data points on the reach of our conference:

  • YouTube: 1200+ subscribers and 8k+ views (last 12 months)
  • Twitch: 2190 viewers during the 2019 live stream
  • Twitter: 3000+ followers and 45k impressions (last 28 days)
  • Expected number of attendees for 2020 = 600

Check out our testimonial page for more examples of what our speakers and attendees think of CascadiaJS!

Contact Us About Sponsoring

Platinum Tier

Venue - $20k (1 available)

The highest level of visibility that we offer! Your company will be considered the foundational partner in putting on CascadiaJS 2019. We would not be in a position to rent out Sunriver Resort without your support.

We will work with you to customize this sponsorship to suit your needs and will set aside the largest and most visible space to set-up a booth, lounge or demo area.

Gold Tier

Track - $10k (2 available)

Your support makes it possible for us to fly in subject matter experts from all over the world and take care of their lodging at Sunriver during their stay.

Your company will be associated with all of the talks being given on either Day One or Day Two of the conference, on the website and on stage. You will also be able to provide custom copy to be included in an email to all attendees.

Party - $10k (2 available)

Following each day of talks we host a fun social event where everyone can unwind, network and talk about what they learned.

Your company will have the opportunity to brand either the Opening or Closing Party and we will work with you to integrate your company into the event.

Live Stream - $10k (1 available)

We live streamed CascadiaJS for the first time last year and had over 2,000 developers tune-in to the stream on Twitch. We expect much bigger things for 2020.

You will be the sole sponsor of the Live Stream and your logo and copy will be included in the Live Stream webpage.

Silver Tier

Booth - $5k (5 available)

We will set your company up with a table (6 ft x 30 in) that is located in the building where our talks will be taking place. We'll make sure you're set-up with power and access to Wi-Fi and ensure that there is healthy foot traffic so that you can our attendees have a chance to stop by and learn about your company.

Meet the Team - $5k (5 available)

This is perfect if you're bringing your team to the event and have an open job that you're hiring for. Comes with a job posting, a block of 4 tickets, 20% off any additional tickets and access to private meeting rooms where we will help you book time to meet any of our attendees who are interested in your position.

Captioning - $5k (1 available

We will be live captioning all talks. Your logo will be included on the site we use to display the captioning as well as the videos that we produce and upload to YouTube.

Activity - $5k (5 available)

New for 2020! We are going to adjust our typical conference schedule to include a break for our attendees to take advantage of one (of 5) activities that are unique to the Sunriver/Bend area. We will have activities that run the gamut from horseback riding to bicycling to hanging out by the pool and enjoying the late summer. Your company will be directly involved in the planning and branding of these fun activities.

Bronze Tier

Welcome Reception - $3k (1 available)

We will host a welcome reception for attendees that are staying at Sunriver Resort and arriving the day before the conference. Your company will be the sole sponsor of this kick-off to the conference and you will have a dedicated area to hand out materials and interact with attendees.

Breakfast - $3k (2 available)

We will serve a delicious hot breakfast the morning before the start of each day of the conference. You will have the opportunity to set-up banners and distribute materials.

Lunch - $3k (2 available)

Lunch will be awesome and the perfect way to break up a full day of awesome talks. You will have the opportunity to set-up banners and distribute materials.

Dinner - $3k (2 available)

Following the final talk of the day, we will serve a delicious dinner featuring fare from the Pacific Northwest. You will have the opportunity to set-up banners and distribute materials.

Farewell Brunch - $3k (1 available)

Before everyone heads home following the conference, we will host a brunch. You will have the opportunity to set-up banners and distribute materials.

Community Tier

Childcare - $2k (3 available)

Help us provide free child care for our speakers and attendees.

Scholarships - $2k (unlimited)

Help us fund scholarships to CascadiaJS this year! Each Scholarship purchased comes with 1 complimentary ticket to the conference for the sponsor.